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  • verb
    /ˈrɪŋ/ wrings; wrung /ˈrʌŋ/; wringing /ˈrɪŋɪŋ/
    [+ obj] to twist and squeeze (wet cloth, hair, etc.) to remove water
    wring a sponge out
    to get (something) out of someone or something with a lot of effort - + out of or from
    I finally managed to wring an apology from her.
    to twist and break (an animal's neck) in order to kill the animal
    wring a chicken's neck
    wringing wet
    very wet
    wring someone's neck
    informal - used to say that you are very angry with someone
    He makes me so madI could wring his neck!
    wring your hands
    to twist and rub your hands together because you are nervous or upset

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