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  • noun
    plural -umes
    [noncount] :the amount of sound that is produced by a television, radio, stereo, etc.
    The volume is too loud.
    Can you turn the volume up/down?
    This knob controls volume.
    [count] :a knob, lever, etc., that controls the amount of sound something makes
    She fiddled with the volume on the stereo.
    an amount of something [count]
    a high/low/large/small volume of sales
    an increase in traffic volume
    the amount of space that is filled by something [count]
    The box has a volume of three cubic meters. [noncount]
    We measure the items by weightnot by volume.
    [count] a book
    This thin little volume is a delightful read.
    a book that is part of a series or set of books
    The first volume of the series was disappointingbut I hear the second volume is better.
    one of the magazines, newspapers, etc., in a series
    The article appears in volume 19, number 4.
    speak volumes
    to provide a lot of information about something :to show something very clearly