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  • noun
    plural studs
    a male animal (such as a horse) kept for breeding [count]
    a horse that has been put out to stud
    [count] informal :a very attractive and masculine man :a man who has sexual relations with many women
    She left her husband and ran off with some young stud. - compare 2stud
    plural studs
    [count] US :one of the upright pieces of wood that are used to build the frame of a wall
    a small metal knob that is used for decoration
    a small metal object used as a clothing fastener or for decoration
    a small piece of jewelry that is attached through a hole in part of a person's body (such as an ear)
    see color picture
    one of the short pieces of metal or rubber on the surface of a snow tire - compare 1stud
    studs; studded; studding
    [+ obj] :to decorate or cover (something) with many small items

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