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  • noun
    plural snarls
    [count] a twisted knot of hairs, thread, etc. :tangle
    a situation in which you can no longer move or make progress
    a traffic snarl
    snarls; snarled; snarling
    to become twisted together :to form a snarl or snarls[no obj]
    snarl up
    [phrasal verb]
    snarl (something) up or snarl up (something) chiefly Brit :to stop (something or someone) from moving or making progress
    snarls; snarled; snarling
    [no obj] :to growl and show the teeth - usually + at
    to say something in an angry or annoyed way [+ obj]
    Get back to workshe snarled. - often + at
    The stranger snarled at her. - compare 2snarl
    plural snarls
    [count] :an act of growling and showing the teeth - usually singular
    The dog gave a snarl when I reached for its bone. - compare 1snarl

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