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  • verb
    muddles; muddled; muddling
    [+ obj] to cause confusion in (someone or someone's mind) - often used as (be) muddled
    to mix up (something) in a confused way
    muddle along
    [phrasal verb] informal :to think, act, or proceed in a confused way or without a plan
    muddle through
    [phrasal verb] informal :to do something without doing it very well or easily
    [singular] a state of confusion or disorder
    Her thoughts were in a muddle. [=she was very confused]
    His papers were in a muddle.
    (chiefly BritThey got in/into a muddle over the train schedule.
    a situation or mistake caused by confusion
    There's been a bit of a muddle [=mix-upabout the plan.
    a confused mess
    His mind was a muddle. :a disordered mixture
    a muddle of documents