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  • verb
    shouts; shouted; shouting
    to say (something) very loudly [+ obj]
    There's no need to shout at me.
    [no obj] :to make a sudden, loud cry
    shout down
    [phrasal verb]
    shout (someone) down :to shout so that (someone who is speaking) cannot be heard
    shout your head off
    xem head
    shout yourself hoarse
    to make your voice hoarse by shouting
    plural shouts
    [count] :a sudden, loud cry - often + of
    She gave a shout of surprise.
    [singular] Brit informal :a person's turn to buy drinks
    It's your shout.
    be in with a shout
    Brit informal :to have a good chance of winning or achieving something
    We aren't too far behindso we're still in with a shout.
    give (someone) a shout
    informal :to tell (someone) about something when it happens or is ready to be done
    I'll give you a shout when it's time to leave.

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