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  • noun
    plural -ders
    the remainder :the part that is left when the other people or things are gone, used, etc.
    Most of the university's students live on campus and the remainder [=the restrent apartments in town. - often + of
    The players will be suspended for the remainder of the season.
    The remainder of the money will be donated to charity.
    [count] mathematics
    the number that is left when one number is subtracted from another number
    subtracted from 5 gives a remainder of 3.
    the number that is left over when one number does not divide evenly into another number
    goes into 29 five times with a remainder of 4.
    [count] :a book that is sold at a reduced price by the publisher :a book that is remaindered
    -ders; -dered; -dering
    [+ obj] :to sell (a book) at a reduced price because not many copies are being sold and no more copies will be produced