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  • adjective
    [more ~; most ~]
    having the ability to control or influence people or things
    rich and powerful people
    a powerful ally
    The country is becoming more and more powerful.
    having a strong effect on someone or something
    powerful drugs that attack cancer cells
    powerful emotions/images
    The perfume has a powerful smell.
    It's a very powerful movie.
    He gave a powerful [=movingspeech.
    a powerful [=convincingcompellingargument
    having or producing a lot of physical strength or force
    powerful magnets
    a powerful machine/motor/force
    The dog has a powerful body.
    She has a powerful voice.
    The weapons are very powerful.
    The aardvark uses its powerful claws to dig for food.
    capable of doing many things in a fast and efficient way
    His new computer is more powerful than the one I have.
    the powerful
    powerful people
    the weak and the powerful