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  • adverb
    used to say something might happen, exist, or be true but is not certain
    The doctor says I might possibly regain full use of my hand.
    The fire could possibly have been caused by faulty wiring.
    It's possibly the worst movie I've ever seen.
    Is it going to rainQuite possibly.
    used to show shock or surprise at something
    That cannot possibly be true. [=it is not possible that it is true]
    How could anyone possibly have done such a thing?
    used to ask for something politely
    Could you possibly get me some bread and milk while you're out?
    used to say that someone will do or has done everything that can be done to achieve something
    I will come as soon as I possibly can.
    I did all I possibly could to get here on timebut I got caught in traffic.
    used in negative statements to emphasize that something cannot or could not happen or be done
    I can't possibly tell you thatIt's a secret.