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  • adjective
    [more ~; most ~]
    present in large amounts
    When I was a teenagerjobs were plentiful [=there were plenty of jobsand the economy was strong.
    Gasoline won't always be cheap and plentiful.
    Space is plentiful enough for several homes.
    plentiful amounts of rain
    Natural gas is a plentiful resource.
    Doctors and nurses are now in plentiful supply. = There is now a plentiful supply of doctors and nurses.
    containing or giving large amounts of something
    These vegetables are a plentiful source of vitamins.
    plentiful [=fruitfulland
    synonyms plentiful, abundant, and ample mean more than enough but not too much. plentiful suggests a large or rich supply of something.
    We moved to the city where jobs are more plentiful.
    a plentiful supply of fruits and vegetables