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  • adverb
    a - used to ask for something in a polite way
    Please come in.
    Please bring your books with you to every class.
    Pass the salt, please. = Would you please pass the salt.
    I'll have a glass of red wine, please.
    Please don't leave the door open.
    , please! = Will the  person please come forward?
    b - used to show that a request is serious or important
    Please, Godhelp us.
    I beg you. Please, don't leave me here alone.
    Will everyone please be quiet and listen?
    used as a polite way of saying yes
    Would you like some tea? Please.
    How about a piece of cakeYes, please.
    informal - used to show that you do not agree with or believe something that was said
    Oh, please. You can't be seriousThat makes no sense!
    pleases; pleased; pleasing
    to make (someone) happy or satisfied [+ obj]
    He joined the football team to please his father.
    They're very hard/easy to please.
    You can't please everyone. [no obj] - used in the phrase to please
    She's always been eager to please.
    restaurants that aim to please
    [no obj] :to make a choice about what to do, have, etc.
    There's no hurryStay as long as you please. [=as long as you want to stay]
    I can do whatever I please. [=like]
    You can do as you please. [=you can do whatever you want/choose to do]
    as you please
    Brit informal - used to make a statement more forceful especially when describing behavior that is surprising
    She walked right inbold as you please. [=in a very bold way]
    if you please
    old-fashioned + formal
    used to make a polite request
    Follow meif you please, and I'll show you to the garden.
    used to express your surprise or annoyance about something
    He insulted herand thenif you please [=if you would believe it], asked for her help.
    please yourself
    used to say that you can do what you want to do
    I'm going to skip the party tonightOK, please yourself. [=suit yourself]

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