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  • noun
    plural logs
    [count] a long, heavy section of a tree that has fallen or been cut down
    a log cabin [=a cabin made from logs]
    a thick piece of wood
    Throw another log on the fire.
    the record of travel by a ship or airplane
    keep a log
    a record of performance, events, or activities
    a computer log - compare 3log
    as easy as falling off a log
    xem easy
    sleep like a log
    xem sleep
    logs; logged; logging
    to cut down trees in an area for wood [+ obj]
    [+ obj] :to make an official record of (something)
    Part of his job is to log all deliveries.
    [+ obj] to do something for (a specified distance or time)
    b chiefly US :to succeed in getting or achieving (something, such as a record of wins)
    log off
    or log out
    [phrasal verb] computers :to end the connection of a computer to a network or system
    log on
    or log in
    [phrasal verb] computers :to start the connection of a computer to a network or system - often + to
    You need a password to log in (to the network).
    plural logs
    [count] :logarithm - compare 1log

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