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  • adjective
    always used before a noun possessive form of he
    relating to or belonging to a certain man, boy, or male animal
    He bought his own house.
    His house is out in the country.
    What is his name?
    He sat quietly at his desk. :made or done by a certain manboyor male animal
    I would like to read some of his essays.
    It's his turn to play.
    used to refer to a person of either sex in general statements or when the sex of the person is unknown
    This use of his was common in the past but is now often avoided because it is considered sexist.
    that which belongs to or is connected with him :his one :his ones
    The book is his. [=the book belongs to himit is his book]
    My eyes are blue and his are brown.
    The red car is mine; his is the green one.
    Are you a friend of his? [=are you his friend?]
    That face of his [=his faceis hard to forget.
    Brit informal :his home
    Let's go back to his [=his placeafter the show.

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