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  • noun
    also US gage , pl gauges also gages
    [count] :an instrument that is used for measuring something
    the fuel/gas gauge
    [count] :something that can be used to measure or judge something else - usually singular; often + of
    Home sales provide a gauge of the state of the economy.
    [noncount] :the distance between the rails of a railroad
    [noncount] :the thickness of something (such as a sheet of metal) or the diameter of wire or a screw
    20-gauge wire
    heavy gauge aluminum
    [noncount] :the size of a shotgun based on how big the inside of the barrel is
    a 12-gauge shotgun
    also US gage gauges also gages; gauged also gaged; gauging also gaging
    [+ obj] to make a judgment about (something)
    to measure (something) exactly