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  • noun
    the area that is included in or dealt with by something [noncount]
    The law is of limited scope. [=the law applies only to a few situationspeopleetc.]
    I was impressed by the size and scope of the book.
    We want to widen the scope of the study. [singular]
    [noncount] :space or opportunity for action, thought, etc.
    The work has been goodbut there's still some scope for improvement. - compare 2scope
    plural scopes
    [count] chiefly US :an instrument (such as a telescope or microscope) that is used to look at things
    We looked through the scope at the moon.
    the scope of a rifle - compare 1scope
    scopes; scoped; scoping
    scope out
    [phrasal verb]
    scope (someone or something) out or scope out (someone or something) US informal :to look at (someone or something) especially in order to get information