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  • verb
    fucks; fucked; fucking
    Fuck is an extremely offensive word in all of its uses and should be avoided.
    offensive + obscene
    [no obj] :to have sex
    [+ obj] :to have sex with (someone)
    [+ obj] offensive :to cheat or mistreat (someone)
    offensive - used to express anger, disgust, etc.
    I'm tired of waiting. Fuck itlet's get out of here.
    Oh fuck, they've left without us!
    fuck off
    [phrasal verb] offensive - used as an angry command to tell someone to go away;
    fuck up
    [phrasal verb] offensive
    to act stupidly :to make mistakes
    fuck up (something) or fuck (something) up :to ruin (something) by being stupid or careless
    fuck up (someone) or fuck (someone) up :to cause (someone) to become confused, crazy, etc.
    fuck with
    [phrasal verb] offensive
    fuck with (something) :to handle (something) carelessly :to mess with (something)
    Don't you dare fuck with my stereo.
    fuck with (someone) :to treat (someone) wrongly :to mess with (someone)
    Don't fuck with me!
    plural fucks
    [count] offensive + obscene :an act of sexual intercourse
    [count] offensive + obscene :a sexual partner
    [singular] :anything at all - usually used in negative statements
    [noncount] - used with the as a way to make an angry statement or question more forceful
    What the fuck do they want from me?
    Shut the fuck up!
    [count] US offensive :fucker
    He's a stupid fuck.

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