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  • verb
    -hausts; -hausted; -hausting
    [+ obj] to use all of someone's mental or physical energy :to tire out or wear out (someone) completely
    If you keep working these long hoursyou're just going to exhaust yourself. = Working these long hours will just exhaust you.
    to completely use up (something, such as supplies or money)
    to try all of (something)
    to consider or talk about (a subject) thoroughly or completely
    plural -hausts
    [noncount] :the mixture of gases produced by an engine
    exhaust fumes
    smog from automobile exhaust
    [count] :a pipe or system of pipes through which exhaust is released
    There's a problem with the car's exhaust. - called also exhaust pipe, (chiefly UStailpipe

    * Các từ tương tự:
    exhaustion, exhaustive