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  • verb
    -poses; -posed; -posing
    [+ obj] formal
    to cause (someone) to be likely to do or have something - + to or toward
    always followed by an adverb or preposition :to put (someone or something) in a particular position or place
    dispose of
    [phrasal verb]
    dispose of (something)
    to throw (something) away :to get rid of (something)
    b formal :to deal with and finish (something)
    I have some business to dispose of [=(less formallywrap uptake care ofbefore we meet.
    c law :to give control or ownership of (land, possessions, etc.) to someone
    A will is a legal document that is used to dispose of property.
    dispose of (someone or something)
    to defeat (a person or team) in a game, contest, etc.
    to kill (a person or animal)

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