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  • noun
    informal + impolite
    [noncount] :something that is worthless, unimportant, or of poor quality
    She treats him like (a piece of) crap.
    We have a lot of crap [=junkin the garage.
    [noncount] :foolish or untrue words or ideas :nonsense
    You don't believe all that crap, do you?
    I heard what they said to youand I think it's a load/pile of crap.
    (USIt's all a bunch of crap.
    Cut the crap [=stop lyingand tell me what really happened.
    [noncount] :bad or unfair behavior or treatment
    Do what I sayand don't give me any crap.
    I won't stand for your crap any longer. = I won't put up with your crap any longer.
    [noncount] :solid waste passed out of the body :feces
    [singular] :the act of passing solid waste from the body - used in the phrases take a crap and (Brit) have a crap;
    used for emphasis after words like scare, frighten, and beat
    That movie scared the crap out of me. [=scared me very badly]
    The boxer beat the crap out of his opponent.
    give a crap
    to care at all about someone or something
    Who gives a crap? [=who cares?]
    usually used in negative statements
    She doesn't give a crap about us.
    like crap
    very badly
    I sing like crap. [=I am a terrible singer]
    If you feel like crap, you feel very sick, unhappy, etc.
    I got drunk at the partyand the  morning I felt like crap. [=I felt sick]
    craps; crapped; crapping
    [no obj] informal + impolite :to pass solid waste from the body :defecate
    chiefly Brit slang impolite :of poor quality :not good
    The DJ played some crap [=crappymusic.
    I'm crap at golf. - compare 4crap
    always used before a noun
    of or relating to the game of craps
    a crap game/table - compare 3crap

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