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  • noun
    plural -ens
    [count] :a bird that is raised by people for its eggs and meat
    [noncount] :the meat of the chicken used as food
    We had chicken for dinner.
    chicken soup/broth
    chicken salad
    [count] informal :a person who is afraid :coward
    It's just a spideryou chicken!
    Don't be such a big chicken. - see also spring chicken
    count your chickens
    If you count your chickens or (US) count your chickens before they hatch or (Brit) before they're hatched, you believe that something you want to happen will definitely happen before you know for certain that it really will.
    your chickens come home to roost
    xem roost
    not used before a noun
    [more ~; most ~] informal :too afraid to do something
    He's too chicken [=cowardlyto stand up to them.
    You're chicken, aren't you?
    -ens; -ened; -ening
    chicken out
    [phrasal verb] informal :to decide not to do something because you are afraid

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