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capitalize /ˈkæpətəˌlaɪz/  

  • verb
    also Brit capitalise -izes; -ized; -izing
    [+ obj] to use a capital letter to write, print, or type (a letter of the alphabet)
    Remember to capitalize the I in Internet.
    to begin (a word or name) with a capital letter
    Capitalize the first word of your sentence.
    to provide the money that is needed to start or develop (a business)
    They're seeking investors (in orderto capitalize the business.
    to sell (something valuable, such as property or stock) in order to get money :to convert (something) into capital
    You can capitalize your investment at any time.
    capitalize on
    [phrasal verb]
    capitalize on (something) :to use (something, such as an event or situation) in a way that helps you :to get an advantage from (something)
    They were able to capitalize on [=take advantage ofour mistakes.