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  • noun
    plural -ets
    [count] an object that is attached to a wall and used to support or hold up something (such as a shelf)
    a category that includes a certain range of incomes, ages, etc.
    He earned enough to put him in a higher tax bracket.
    She is now in a lower/higher income bracket than before.
    either one of a pair of marks or used to enclose words or mathematical symbols - usually plural
    The marks are also called square brackets and the marks are also called angle brackets.
    b Brit :parenthesis
    -ets; -eted; -eting
    [+ obj] to place (words, symbols, etc.) within brackets
    to be located at each side of (something) - usually used as (be) bracketed
    to put (two or more people or things) into the same category, group, etc.