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advertisement /ˌædvɚˈtaɪzmənt/  /Brit ədˈvəːtəsmənt/

  • noun
    plural -ments
    [count] :something (such as a short film or a written notice) that is shown or presented to the public to help sell a product or to make an announcement
    The advertisement will appear in three magazines.
    He learned about the job from an advertisement in the newspaper.
    a television/radio advertisement - often + for
    I saw an advertisement for a new car on TV last night. - called also ad, (Britadvert
    [count] :a person or thing that shows how good or effective something is - + for
    The rusted car on the lot was not much of an advertisement for the car dealership.
    Successful graduates are a good advertisement for a school.
    [noncount] :the act or process of advertising
    The company has spent a lot of money on advertisement.