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yourself /jɚˈsɛlf/  

  • pronoun
    the person that is being addressed
    a - used as the object of a verb or preposition when the person being addressed has already been mentioned
    You've got to behave yourself.
    Be careful or you might hurt yourself.
    You need to feel good about yourself.
    You can judge for yourself.
    You should make a mental note to yourself.
    You're making a fool/spectacle of yourself.
    b - used to emphasize that a particular person already mentioned has done, thought, or said something
    You reminded them yourself, remember?
    You yourself reminded themremember?
    your normal or healthy self
    You're not yourself todayIs something wrong?
    You'll feel like yourself again after some time away.
    be yourself
    to act or behave as you normally do
    If you want to get a girl to like youthe best thing you can do is just be yourself.
    by yourself
    without any help
    You will have to make dinner by yourself tonight.
    You fixed the car (allby yourself?
    with nobody else
    Do you like living by yourself?
    You're not traveling there by yourself.