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  • verb
    chiefly US or Brit whizz always followed by an adverb or preposition whizzes; whizzed; whizzing
    [no obj] informal
    to move quickly while making a buzzing or humming sound
    to pass by quickly
    b chiefly Brit :to accomplish or complete something easily
    chiefly US or Brit whizz , pl whizzes
    [count] :a humming or buzzing sound made by something moving quickly
    We could hear the whiz of the ball as it sailed past us. - compare 3whiz
    take a whiz
    US informal + impolite :urinate
    He took a whiz right on the sidewalk.
    chiefly US or Brit whizz , pl whizzes
    [count] informal :someone who is very good at something
    a computer whiz
    He's a whiz at math. - compare 2whiz

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