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whatever /wɑtˈɛvɚ/  /wʌtˈɛvɚ/

  • pronoun
    anything or everything that
    Take whatever you need.
    no matter what :regardless of what
    Whatever he saysdon't believe him. [=do not believe him at all]
    What's that smellI don't knowbut whatever it isit's awful!
    Whatever you dodon't press that button!
    used in questions that express surprise or confusion
    Whatever made you do something as foolish as that?
    Whatever did she mean (by that)?
    informal :whatnot
    I enjoy all kinds of sportsskiingbiking, (or) whatever.
    always used before a noun
    all the
    Take whatever supplies you need. [=take any supplies that you need]
    She will buy the painting at whatever price. :anythat
    We are willing to take whatever action is needed. [=to take any action that is needed]
    c - used to refer to something that is not known
    For whatever reasonhe refused to speak to us. [=he refused to speak to us for some reason that we don't know]
    not used before a noun :of any kind or amount at all :whatsoever
    There's no food whatever.
    informal - used to show that something said or done is not important