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  • noun
    plural waxes
    a hard substance that becomes soft when it is heated and that is used to make various products (such as candles, crayons, or polish) [count]
    candles made of wax
    a wax candle/figurine - see also beeswaxsealing wax
    [noncount] :a natural sticky substance that is produced inside the ear :earwax
    waxes; waxed; waxing
    [+ obj] to put a thin layer of wax on (something) :to treat or polish (something) by rubbing it with wax
    to remove hair from (a part of the body) by putting hot wax on it and then pulling the wax off
    waxes; waxed; waxing
    [no obj] of the moon :to appear to become larger or more full
    [no obj] :to become larger or more :to increase in amount, size, etc.
    always followed by an adjective [linking verb] :to talk or write about something in a way that shows that you are experiencing a specified mood or feeling
    waxing poetic - compare 2wax

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