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  • verb
    -loads; -loaded; -loading
    to remove something (such as cargo) from a truck, ship, etc. [+ obj]
    It took four hours to unload the truck.
    Could you help me unload the car?
    I have to unload the groceries. [no obj]
    Most ships unload at another dock now.
    [+ obj] :to allow (someone) to leave a train, ship, etc.
    [+ obj] informal :to get rid of (something or someone) quickly
    He's trying to unload [=sellhis old car.
    [+ obj] to take something out of a device
    Could you show me how to unload film (from the camera)?
    unload a camera [=take film out of a camera]
    unload a gun [=remove the bullets from a gun]
    b informal :to fire (bullets) from a weapon
    [no obj] informal :to talk about something that has been bothering or troubling you
    I really need to unload. Do you have a few minutes?
    [no obj] US informal
    to express a strong feeling (such as anger) in a very forceful way - + on
    to hit someone or something very forcefully - usually + on