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  • noun
    plural -ers
    [count] a tall, narrow building or structure that may stand apart from or be attached to another building or structure
    a bell/clock/radio tower
    the church tower
    a cell phone tower - see also ivory tower, watchtowerwater tower
    a tall piece of furniture used to store something
    a CD/DVD tower
    computers :a personal computer that stands in an upright position - see picture at computer
    tower of strength
    an emotionally strong person who gives a lot of support or help during difficult times
    -ers; -ered; -ering
    tower above/over
    [phrasal verb]
    tower over/above (someone or something)
    to be much taller than (someone or something)
    to be much better or more important than (someone or something)

    * Các từ tương tự:
    tower block, towering