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  • noun
    plural tongues
    [count] :the soft, movable part in the mouth that is used for tasting and eating food and in human beings for speaking
    The cow ran its tongue over its lips.
    The taste of the spice was still on her tongue.
    The little girl stuck her tongue out at me.
    My mom shook her head and clicked her tongue [=made a noise with her tongue] in disapproval.
    [count, noncount] :the tongue of an animal (such as an ox or sheep) that is eaten as food
    [count] :language
    He spoke in a foreign tongue.
    English is my native tongue.
    They speak the same tongue. - see also mother tongue
    [count] :a particular way or quality of speaking
    Although she was angryshe kept a civil tongue. [=she was polite]
    Watch your tongue, young man! [=don't say rude or offensive things] - see also tongued
    [count] :something that is shaped like a tongue - + of
    [count] :a long flap that is under the laces or buckles of a shoe - see picture at mouth
    [count] :a long, raised part at the end of a board that extends out and fits into a long cut (called a groove) in another board - see also tongue-and-groove
    a slip of the tongue
    xem slip
    bite your tongue
    xem bite
    Cat got your tongue?
    xem cat
    get your tongue around
    If you cannot get your tongue around a word or phrase, you have difficulty saying it.
    I can't get my tongue around his last name.
    hold your tongue
    xem hold
    loosen someone's tongue
    xem loosen
    on the tip of your tongue
    xem tip
    roll/trip off the tongue
    to be easy to say or pronounce
    The name just rolls off the tongue.
    speak in tongues
    Someone who is speaking in tongues is saying strange words that no one can understand, especially as part of a religious experience.
    speak/talk with (a) forked tongue
    xem forked
    tongues (are) wagging
    If something sets/gets tongues wagging or if tongues are wagging, people are talking a lot about something.
    with (your) tongue in (your) cheek
    tongue in cheek
    He was talking with his tongue in his cheek.
    tongues; tongued; tonguing
    to produce separate notes when you are blowing air through a musical instrument (such as a trumpet) by using your tongue to briefly stop the flow of air [+ obj]
    learning how to tongue notes on the clarinet [no obj]
    [+ obj] :to touch or lick something with your tongue
    tongue a cigarette

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