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  • noun
    plural -kens
    [count] a round piece of metal or plastic that is used instead of money in some machines :an object that looks like a coin and is used in place of a coin
    a bus/subway token
    something that is a symbol of a feeling, event, etc. - usually + of
    a token of our friendship
    Brit :gift certificate
    a book/record/gift token
    by the same token
    for the same reason :in the same way - used to introduce a statement that says something more and often something different about the same situation referred to by a previous statement
    always used before a noun
    used to describe something that is done with very little effort and only to give the appearance that an effort is being made
    token resistance
    a token gesture
    included in a group only to prevent criticism that people of a particular kind are being unfairly left out

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