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  • noun
    plural toes
    [count] one of the five separate parts at the end of your foot
    I stubbed my toe on the table's leg.
    the part of a shoe or sock that covers the front part of your foot
    My sock has a hole in the toe.
    the toe of her boot
    something that is shaped like a toe
    dip/put/stick a toe in the water
    informal :to try an activity briefly to see if you like it
    I'm not sure I want to joinbut I'd like to dip a toe in the water.
    from top to toe
    xem top
    keep (someone) on their toes
    informal :to cause someone to be alert and prepared to deal with problems
    make your toes curl
    informal :to cause you to have a very strong and usually unpleasant feeling (such as a feeling of being embarrassed, annoyed, etc.)
    point your toes
    xem point
    step on someone's toes
    US or Brit tread on someone's toes
    informal :to do something that upsets or offends someone
    toes; toed; toeing
    [+ obj] chiefly US :to touch, reach, or kick (something) with your toe or with the end of your foot
    toe the line
    to do what you are told or required to do even though you do not want to do it
    We expect you to toe the line if you want to stay here.
    He has to toe the company line to keep his job.

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