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  • adjective
    tidier; -est
    [also more ~; most ~]
    clean and organized :not messy
    She keeps her desk tidy. [=neat]
    a tidy kitchen
    The house is neat and tidy. [=clean and organized]
    keeping things clean and organized
    He has always been a tidy person.
    informal of an amount of money :fairly large
    She earns a tidy salary.
    They paid a tidy sum for the house.
    -dies; -died; -dying
    to make (something) tidy :to make (something) clean and organized [+ obj]
    usually + up
    We need to tidy up the house. [no obj]
    + up
    I didn't have time to tidy up.
    tidy away
    [phrasal verb]
    tidy (something) away or tidy away (something) Brit :to put (something) in its proper place in order to make a place tidy
    plural -dies
    [count] Brit :a container for storing small items
    a desk/sink/car tidy