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television /ˈtɛləˌvɪʒən/  

  • noun
    plural -sions
    [noncount] :an electronic system of sending images and sounds by a wire or through space
    Do you have satellite or cable television? [=TV]
    [count] :a piece of equipment with a screen that receives images and sounds sent by television
    Can you turn on/off the television? [=TV, (chiefly Brittelly]
    Please turn up/down the television. [=make the television louder/quieter]
    [noncount] :programs that are broadcast by television
    We don't watch much television. [=TV, (chiefly Brittelly]
    a television [=TVprogram/show/series
    [noncount] :the television broadcasting industry
    She works in television.
    He's a star of stagescreenand television.
    a television [=TVproducer/reporter/company
    on (the) television
    broadcast by television :being shown by television
    What is on the television [=on TV, (chiefly Briton (thetellytonight?
    There's nothing on television right now. [=there are no programs that I would like to watch now]
    The movie will be on television  month.
    I recognize your faceAre you on television? [=do you appear in a television program?]

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