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tattoo /tæˈtuː/  

  • noun
    plural -toos
    [count] :a picture, word, etc., that is drawn on a person's skin by using a needle and ink
    He had a tattoo of a heart on his shoulder.
    a tattoo parlor [=a place where people go to get tattoos] - compare 3tattoo
    -toos; -tooed; -tooing
    [+ obj] :to draw or write (a picture, word, etc.) on a part of someone's body by using a needle and ink
    A heart was tattooed on his arm. [=he had a tattoo of a heart on his arm]
    plural -toos
    [singular] :a rapid rhythmic beat
    The rain was beating a tattoo on the roof.
    [count] Brit :an outdoor performance in the evening with music and marching by members of the military - compare 1tattoo

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