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  • noun
    plural tags
    [count] :a small piece of cloth, paper, metal, etc., that is attached to something and that has information written on it
    According to the tag, the shirt needs to be washed in cold water. - see also dog tag, name tag, price tag
    [count] :a name or phrase that is used to describe someone or something
    tags [plural] US
    a vehicle's license plates
    small stickers on a vehicle's license plates which show that the vehicle can legally be driven until a particular date
    [count] computers :a piece of computer code that is used to identify a particular type of text so that the text can be arranged or shown in a certain way
    [count] :tag question - compare 3tag
    tags; tagged; tagging
    [+ obj] to put a tag on (something)
    to name or describe (someone or something) in a specified way :label
    US informal :to damage (someone else's property) by illegally writing or painting something (such as your name) on it :to write graffiti on (something)
    plural tags
    [noncount] :a children's game in which one player is called it and chases the other players to try to touch one of them and make that player it
    Do you want to play tag? - see also phone tag
    [count] baseball :the act of causing a base runner to be out by touching the runner with the ball :the act of tagging a runner
    The catcher applied/made the tag for the last out of the game. - compare 1tag
    tags; tagged; tagging
    [+ obj] to touch (a player) in a game of tag
    Tag! You're it!
    to cause (a base runner) to be out by touching him or her with the ball
    to put your foot on a base and stay there until a fly ball is caught before you begin to run to try to reach the next base
    The runner tagged up and tried to score. - compare 2tag
    tag along
    [phrasal verb] informal :to go somewhere with someone

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