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  • noun
    plural tacks
    [count] a small, sharp nail usually with a wide, flat head
    b US :thumbtack
    [count, noncount] :the direction that a ship or boat is sailing in as it moves at an angle to the direction of the wind
    We were sailing on (a/theport tack. [=with the wind coming from our port/left side]
    the starboard tack
    [count] :a change from one direction to another direction while sailing
    a tack from port to starboard
    [count] :the distance traveled while sailing in a particular direction
    a long tack
    a way in which you do something or try to do something [singular]
    [count] :a loose stitch that is used to hold pieces of cloth together before sewing them tightly together - compare 3tack
    get down to brass tacks
    xem brass
    tacks; tacked; tacking
    always followed by an adverb or preposition [+ obj] :to fasten or attach (something) with tacks
    [+ obj] :to add on or attach (something) in a quick or careless way - usually + on or onto
    [no obj] sailing :to turn a ship or boat so that the wind is coming at it from the opposite side
    [noncount] :the equipment (such as a saddle and a bridle) that is used for riding a horse - compare 1tack

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