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  • noun
    plural -tems
    [count] :a group of related parts that move or work together
    a system of rivers
    an alarm system
    a stereo/computer system - see also ecosystempa system, public address system, solar system, sound system
    [count] a body of a person or animal thought of as an entire group of parts that work together - usually singular
    Greasy foods are not good for your system.
    No drugs were found in his system.
    a group of organs that work together to perform an important function of the body
    the digestive/reproductive/respiratory system - see also central nervous system, immune system, nervous system
    [count] :a way of managing, controlling, organizing, or doing something that follows a set of rules or a plan
    the legal system
    The players like the coach's system.
    She devised a new filing system.
    We need a better system for handling incoming e-mail. - often + of
    the state's system of education
    Every religion has its own system of beliefs and practices. - see also honor system, metric system, operating system
    the system disapproving :a powerful government or social organization that controls people's lives
    You can't beat the system.
    all systems (are) go
    xem go
    a shock to the/your system
    xem shock
    get it out of your system
    to do something that you have been wanting to do so that you no longer feel a strong desire to do it
    to get rid of a strong emotion (such as anger) by doing something
    He really angered herso she went for a walk to get it out of her system.
    the buddy system
    xem buddy

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