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  • noun
    plural -stances
    [count] a material of a particular kind
    The pancreas secretes a substance called insulin.
    The floor was covered with a whitepowdery substance that turned out to be flour.
    a drug that is considered harmful and whose use is controlled by law or made illegal
    He had a history of substance abuse.
    Codeine is a controlled substance. [=a drug that you need permission from a doctor to use]
    [noncount] the quality of being meaningful, useful, or important
    matters of substance
    When has he ever said anything of substance?
    The book lacks substance.
    the quality of being true or believable
    These rumors have no substance. = These rumors are without substance. [=these rumors are not true]
    The results of the study give substance to their theory.
    [noncount] :the most basic or necessary part or quality of something :essence
    the substance of my argument
    These two books differ in both style and substance. [=content]
    He statedin substance [=in essenceessentially], that it is not his fault and he will not pay for damages.
    a man/woman/person of substance
    literary :a person who is rich and powerful
    She married a man of substance.
    sum and substance
    xem sum