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  • noun
    plural -tures
    [count] the way that something is built, arranged, or organized
    The film had a simple narrative structure.
    the structure of a plant
    the way that a group of people are organized
    a solid family structure
    the social structure of a college campus
    changes to the company's power structure
    [count] :something (such as a house, tower, bridge, etc.) that is built by putting parts together and that usually stands on its own
    a brick/steel structure
    The structure was damaged by fire.
    a 12-story structure
    [noncount] :the quality of something that is carefully planned, organized, and controlled
    The novel lacks structure.
    Children need a lot of structure in their lives.
    -tures; -tured; -turing
    [+ obj] :to arrange or organize (something) in a particular way