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  • noun
    plural -achs
    [count] the organ in your body where food goes and begins to be digested after you swallow it
    She has problems with her stomach.
    I've had enough to eatMy stomach is full.
    His stomach was growling. - often used before another noun
    a stomach ulcer
    stomach gas
    the part of your body that contains the stomach
    She punched him in the stomach. [=belly]
    He was lying on his stomach.
    [noncount] :the desire, courage, etc., that is needed to do or accept something difficult or unpleasant - usually used in negative statements
    She didn't have the stomach to confront him.
    He has no stomach for controversy.
    a strong/weak stomach
    If you have a strong stomach, you are not bothered by things that many people find disgusting, shocking, or offensive.
    It's a very violent movieDon't watch it if you have a weak stomach.
    on a full stomach
    after eating a lot of food
    Don't try to go swimming on a full stomach.
    on an empty stomach
    with nothing in your stomach
    Take this medication on an empty stomach. [=when your stomach is empty because you have not eaten for a time]
    sick to your stomach
    xem sick
    turn your stomach
    Something that turns your stomach or makes your stomach turn makes you feel ill or uncomfortable usually because it is offensive or disgusting.
    The violence in his movies really turns my stomach.
    your eyes are bigger than your stomach
    xem eye
    stomachs; stomached; stomaching
    [+ obj] to accept or experience (something unpleasant) without becoming sick, upset, etc.
    I could barely stomach the smell.
    His behavior is very hard to stomach [=toleratesometimes.
    to eat (something) without getting a sick or unpleasant feeling in your stomach
    I can't stomach raw onions.

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