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  • noun
    plural stems
    [count] the main long and thin part of a plant that rises above the soil and supports the leaves and flowers
    He cut the plant off at the base of the stem.
    see color picture
    the long, thin part of a fruit, leaf, flower, etc., that connects it to its plant
    Hold the cherry by the stem.
    a long and thin part: such as
    the long, thin piece that supports the bowl of a wine glass
    the long, thin part of a tobacco pipe
    grammar :the main part of a word that does not change when endings are added to it
    The stem of winded is wind.
    from stem to stern
    from one end of a ship or boat to the other
    We cleaned the house from stem to stern.
    stems; stemmed; stemming
    [+ obj] :to remove the stem from (a fruit, leaf, flower, etc.)
    stem from
    [phrasal verb]
    stem from (something or someone) :to be caused by (something or someone) :to come from (something or someone)
    stems; stemmed; stemming
    [+ obj] :to stop the progress or spread of (something)

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