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  • noun
    plural steels
    [noncount] a strong, hard metal made of iron and carbon
    The beams are made of steel. - often used before another noun
    steel bars
    a steel mill [=a mill/factory where steel is made] - see also stainless steel
    the industry that makes steel
    She came from a steel town [=a town where steel is madein Pennsylvania.
    Big Steel [=the steel industryis lobbying Congress for new legislation.
    [noncount] literary :things (such as weapons) that are made of steel
    The invaders were driven back by steel.
    the clash of steel
    [singular] :the part of something that is made of steel
    the steel of a knife
    [count] :a device or tool that is made of steel
    a sharpening steel [=a steel rod that has a rough surface and is used for sharpening knives] - see also pedal steel
    used to describe something or someone that is very strong
    He had a grip of steel. = He had a grip like steel. [=he had a very powerful grip]
    a man of steel [=a very strong man] - see also nerves of steel at nerve
    steels; steeled; steeling
    steel yourself
    to make (yourself) ready for something difficult or unpleasant :to fill (yourself) with determination and courage

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