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stand-up /ˈstændˌʌp/  

  • adjective
    always used before a noun
    done by a performer who is standing alone on a stage
    stand-up comedy
    a stand-up act/routine
    performing stand-up comedy
    a stand-up comedian/comic
    done in or requiring a standing position
    a stand-up lunch/bar
    designed to stand upright
    a stand-up collar
    US informal :able to be trusted and respected :very good, loyal, etc.
    His friends say he's a real stand-up (kind ofguy.
    Brit :involving very angry or violent behavior
    a stand-up fight/argument - see also stand up at 1stand
    plural -ups
    [noncount] :stand-up comedy
    I've always wanted to try stand-up.
    [count] :a performer who does stand-up comedy :a stand-up comedian
    a talented stand-up