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  • noun
    plural sponges
    [count] :a piece of light natural or artificial material that becomes soft when it is wet, is able to take in and hold liquid, and is used for washing or cleaning
    His mind is (likea sponge. [=he remembers a lot of information easily]
    [count] :a type of sea animal from which natural sponges are made
    [count, noncount] Brit :sponge cake
    a slice of sponge
    [count] informal + disapproving :someone who gets something from someone else without doing or paying anything in return :sponger
    He's a lazy sponge.
    [count] :a device like a sponge that is used by women to prevent pregnancy
    a contraceptive sponge
    sponges; sponged; sponging
    [+ obj] to clean or wipe (something) with a sponge
    to put (paint) on a surface with a sponge
    informal + disapproving :to get money, food, etc., from (someone) without doing or paying anything in return [+ obj]
    She always sponges meals from us. [no obj] - often + off

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