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  • adjective
    soberer; -est
    [or more ~; most ~]
    not drunk
    I'm drivingso I have to stay sober tonight.
    I haven't been drinking at allI'm (as) sober as a judge. [=I'm completely sober]
    He claims that he was stone cold sober [=completely sober] when the accident happened.
    having or showing a very serious attitude or quality
    He is a sober, hardworking farmer.
    The story is a sober look at drug abuse.
    plain in color
    a sober gray suit
    -bers; -bered; -bering
    [+ obj] :to make (someone) serious or thoughtful
    sober up
    [phrasal verb]
    sober up or sober (someone) up :to become sober or less drunk or to make (a drunk person) sober or less drunk
    You need to sober up before you go.
    I tried to sober her up.
    I have to sober myself up.

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