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  • adjective
    snappier; -est
    [also more ~; most ~] informal
    exciting or lively
    snappy colors
    a snappy tune
    moving or able to move quickly
    a snappy pace
    a car with a snappy engine
    fashionable or stylish
    a snappy [=sharpdresser
    a snappy [=snazzybow tie
    clever and funny
    a snappy [=wittyjoke/remark
    The show is well-actedand the dialogue is snappy.
    feeling or showing irritation :snappish
    He got pretty snappy about it.
    She was awfully snappy with me.
    make it snappy
    or Brit look snappy
    informal :to act, move, or go quickly :hurry up
    Clean your roomand make it snappy! [=do it quickly]