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sleeper /ˈsliːpɚ/  

  • noun
    plural -ers
    [count] a person who sleeps in a particular way
    a light sleeper [=someone who does not sleep well and wakes up easily]
    a heavy sleeper [=someone who sleeps well and does not wake up easily]
    a sound sleeper
    someone who is asleep
    a place or piece of furniture that can be used for sleeping - usually used before another noun
    the sleeper cab of a truck
    Our guests will use the sleeper sofa. [=a sofa that folds out to form a bed]
    sleeping car
    chiefly US informal :someone or something that suddenly becomes successful in a way that was not expected
    He may turn out to be the sleeper in this year's election.
    The movie was the summer's sleeper.
    The movie became the sleeper hit of the summer.
    a spy who lives and works for a long time like an ordinary person among the people he or she is spying on - often used before another noun
    a sleeper agent
    US :a piece of clothing that covers the entire body including usually the feet and that is worn by a baby or small child
    Brit :one of the heavy beams to which the rails of a railway are attached :tie