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  • noun
    plural slates
    [noncount] :a type of hard rock that splits easily into thin layers
    [count] :a small sheet of slate in a wooden frame that was used in schools in the past for writing on with chalk - see also blank slate
    [count] :a piece of slate that is used with others to cover a roof or wall
    The house has a slate roof.
    [count] US :a list of people who are trying to win an election
    clean slate
    xem clean
    wipe the slate clean
    xem wipe
    slates; slated; slating
    [+ obj] chiefly US :to arrange or plan for something to happen, someone to be chosen, etc. - usually used as (be) slated
    Her latest album is slated for release in July. - compare 3slate
    slates; slated; slating
    [+ obj] Brit informal :to criticize (someone or something) very harshly
    The film/book was slated by most critics. - compare 2slate

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