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sit-down /ˈsɪtˈdaʊn/  

  • adjective
    always used before a noun
    done or used while sitting down
    a sit-down job/interview
    a sit-down lawn mower
    served to people who are sitting down at a table
    Will the reception be a sit-down dinner or a buffet?
    serving sit-down meals
    a sit-down restaurant
    plural -downs
    [count] :a strike or protest in which a group of people sit down to block a road, entrance, etc., and refuse to leave until they are given what they demand
    The students staged a sit-down. - often used before another noun
    a sit-down strike/protest
    [count] chiefly US :a meeting held to talk about a problem or disagreement
    The group arranged a sit-down with city officials.
    [singular] Brit :a short rest while sitting down
    I need a sit-down and a cup of tea.